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We are pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference on Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine (AMMM 2020) to be held in Lübeck, Germany on September 9-11, 2020.

The Conference brings together engineers, scientists and technicians with physicians and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest achievements in 3D printing development for medicine.

The submission deadline is May 18, 2020. The templates for short-paper contributions can be found here. Accepted contributions will be published online in the Transactions on Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine and in printed form.

For further information, please see the conference WebPage.

The GIPF Group (Italian Group of Forensic Pathology) organized the X National Congress of Forensic Pathology, that will take place on 24th-26th October 2019 at the Hotel Regina Elena in Santa Margherita Ligure – Genoa (GE), Italy.

Here the Congress Program.

3D4Med will collaborate with the Department of Legal Medicine of the University of Pavia through the reproduction of a fossil record with 3D printing technologies.

The new edition of the course “Virtual Modeling & Additive Manufacturing” will start on October 10th, 2019. The course aims at providing the theoretical basis of 3D printing, in response to the increasing demand from industrial, civil engineering, architecture, and medical application fields. In the context of 3D printing, basic classes on materials, theoretical and virtual modeling, potential applications, impact on business models and competitiveness are taught.

For further information, please visit the course Web Page.

Subscription at

3D4Med joined the II International Conference on Simulation for Additive Manufacturing – Sim-AM 2019 that will take place on 11th – 13th September 2019 in Pavia.

3D4Med anatomical models for surgical planning and simulation has been exposed during the congress.

Prof. F. Auricchio will attend the 106th National Congress SIOeChCF (Società Italiana di Otorinolaringoiatria e Chirurgia Cervico Facciale) that will take place on 29th May – 1st June 2019 in Rimini.

The panel discussion will focus on recent innovations in Otolaryngology, Oncology & Reconstructive Surgery, Maxillo – Facial Surgery and will highlight the advent of new technologies in these fields.

Prof. Auricchio will present 3D4MED Lab and the possible applications of 3D printing technology for the surgical planning, training and simulation in Otolaryngology & Maxillo – Facial Surgery.

The meeting “Stellate Ganglion Block. New Frontiers in the Treatment of Cardiac Arrest with Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation” will take place on January 30th, 2019, at Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, in collaboration with the Clinical 3D Printing Laboratory 3D4Med.

3D4Med supports the training on this innovative treatment through the manufacturing of 3D printed phantoms, able to reproduce the echogenicity of the tissues of interest.


Free admission, no registration required.



3D4MED Laboratory is equipped with different 3D printing technologies able to create patient-specific anatomical models for surgical planning, training and simulation, and to develop patient-specific instrumentation and innovative prototypes.


The laboratory was born from the collaboration between the group of Computational Mechanics and Advanced Materials, coordinated by Prof. Ferdinando Auricchio, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia, and the Unit of General Surgery II of the Policlinico San Matteo, directed by Prof. Andrea Pietrabissa.


Engineering and medical skills are the two fundamental ingredients that allowed us to study and understand 3D printing potentialities, with the aim of structuring them in an integrated service within the daily clinical-assistance reality of the Policlinico San Matteo — Prof. A. Pietrabissa


Prof. Fabio Rugge, Chancellor of the University of Pavia, and Dr. Fabrizio Sala, Vice-President of Regione Lombardia took part in the Event, together with the General Director of I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, Dr. Nunzio Del Sorbo.


“The clinical 3D printing laboratory is an example of how research and innovation can produce an extraordinary result, in tune with the University of Pavia and research centers. Only by focusing on research it is possibile to create development” —Dr. F. Sala


“We strongly believed in 3D printing, it is one of the five research Strategic Areas of our University. ” — Prof. F. Rugge