Thoracic surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Morphological abnormalities and pathologies interesting the cardio-pulmonar and mediastinic system are often highly complex not clearly visible on CT images; our 3D printed anatomical models allow the surgeon to assess the anatomical distances easily and to evaluate the most suitable access points, as they ensure a full overview of the surrounding anatomical structures, enabling a more easy selection of the surgical instruments and devices to be used.

  • Thoraco-pulmonary pathologies
  • Mediastinic pathologies
  • Pericardiac inflammation

The 3D printed patient-specific model represents the cardio-pulmonary tract affected by a pulmonary pathology. Pulmonary arteries are magenta colored, pulmonary veins blue-colored, systemic arteries are purple colored, the bronchus is dark blue colored and the pathology is transparent. The model has been useful for the pre-operative planning of the pulmonary pathology treatment and the evaluation of the systemic arteries involvement.

The patient-specific model represents the sternum (magenta) and metallic staples (blue).  The model has been used to properly plan the surgical treatment of a pericardic inflammation due to the damage of metallic staples previously implanted in the sternum.